The Elves Have Taken Over

I made a crocheted sweater and hat for baby Elizabeth-

Crochet Sweater and Tam/Hat

I got the pattern at Bella Bambina.  The hat/tam I made up off the top of my head.  I had the Night, Night Kitty that I had crocheted for Brian a couple of years ago model it.

sweater set
Sweater and Tam/Hat I Crocheted

Brian tightening the tree in the stand.

And who is that behind tree?

Now who could that possibly be?

It maybe one of the elfs!

Brian and the Elf
Brian and the Elf Hiding Behind the Tree

These are some pictures I took of this weekend after all the Christmas decorations were up.  I have Brian and Tom to thank for getting the decorations up.  I was procrastinating and was hoping that the elves would come and do all the trimmings to the house.


Aren’t those elves…

Yes, Elizabeth!  There is such a thing as an elf.

dec 2009
Grampy and Brian Disguised As Elves.

I made a batch of the original, original chex mix that my mother and father made when I was a child.

It was a good weekend.  We played Christmas music, danced and just had fun.

4 thoughts on “The Elves Have Taken Over

  1. HI Liz, that so cute what you made for baby Elizabeth. I love that name. It’s a family name of ours too. How funny. It was passed down many generations and stopped at my dads sister which was given to her for a middle name. Wow I didn’t know about chex mix when I was younger but my mom made something with Cocoa Krispies of which I should share the recipe for someday if I should ever open my blog again. Have a very Merry Christmas sweets. big hugs


  2. Oh Liz that little outfit is so cute and the colors are perfect. I believe you can do anything you set your mind to. You could sell these on Etsy or Ebay for sure, they are adorable! You are very very good! Excellent is more like it!
    LOL on the Elf, so special. I love your house, it’s so pretty andI love the antique chest you have where the Christmas tree sits. The wall colors are very pretty and nice too. (nosy arent’ I lol)
    I love Chex Mix and could you believe I was thinking of making some tonite? I was sitting there and going to ask Rex to run to the store (he’s the store runner) and get everything and then I forgot as the night went on. I guess great minds think alike hahah
    Plus I like the original recipe too, just plain old fashioned mix, nothing new added.
    Love the night, night kitty! awwwww
    Brian is so handsome and looks like he adores his Grampa!

    I better get to bed!


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