It’s A Small World

It seems that my world is getting a little smaller.

Today I got an email from a blog friend stating that she is shutting down her blog. She has lost interest in the blog world.  I am going to miss her.

I have noticed that many are absent from their blog in favor of Facebook. I have an account with Facebook and have for almost two years. It wasn’t until this September that I started using it. I found and still find Facebook very impersonal. My reason for being there daily is that my sister and daughter can be found there. I have had a blog since 2002 and I couldn’t interest either of them to stop by and visit. Therefore, if the mountain won’t come to Mohammad then Mohammad must go to the mountain-so to speak.

Christmas wasn’t anything to write about. As a matter of a fact, I can’t wait to put this day and yesterday behind me. Just as soon as every last decoration and holiday dish and geegaw is put away will I be able to move on with anticipation for 2010 (every year I say that next year will be better than the previous year).

There is a voice inside of our heads
that tells us of what is to come
deja vu turned upside down
is what it may seem like to some
whether it’s foresight or just premonition
it leaves you feeling quite strange
whisper or shout, it allows for no doubt
that your fortunes are due for a change.

A verse from the poem-Better Days Are Coming by Wish Belkin, copyright 2001

This is the first time, since the history of Tom and Liz, that there won’t be any Christmas pictures. The camera seemed to be the furthest thing from my mind. I do regret that but I can’t go back in time and start snapping pictures.

I didn’t even get to see Elizabeth in the sweater and hat I made for her.  It was so warm here yesterday afternoon that it would have been impossible for her to wear it.  Carrie said that she did wear it earlier in the day before it got too warm out.

Yes, my world is getting a little smaller and I have no doubt that a revelation will hit me on the head and tell me to-

Git movin’ and figyahit out!

Yah wastin’ time!

I believe my revelation will have a New England accent.  *smile*

2 thoughts on “It’s A Small World

  1. Ciao Liz, I can’t believe you have such a warm weather, wow! 🙂 It’s -6°C (about 21°F) here now. For me it’s so sad that so many sweet ladies are losing interest in the blog world. Hope you won’t give up on yours.


  2. Just dropping in to wish you a belated Merry Christmas. I am not shutting down; will return when I get things in order, oops, in better order. Hope you and your family are well. Love, Julia PS Wondering who is shutting down!


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