Spell It!

Brian is one of his school’s homeroom winners of the spelling bee for his grade.  He will be competing against other fourth and fifth grade winners in his school’s spelling bee this Monday.  If he wins then he will advance to the county-wide bee.  Then from there, the Scripps National Spelling Bee. We have been studying MerriamWebster’s Spell It! for a couple of days in the evening. The teacher gave us a booklet of tips and tricks.

I got the notice this Tuesday regarding his participation in the bee.  They sure didn’t give us enough time to study.  Before Christmas vacation, Brian told me that he had won the spelling bee in his class had but I had no idea that it was for this competition.  If I had known, we would have studied during Christmas vacation.  That is not to say that Brian would have  been a very happy camper about that.

I won’t be here to see him compete in the school spelling bee.  I will be in Miami.  Tom is taking the morning off from work to be there for him.  I am worried that we didn’t have enough time to prepare. As a matter of a fact, I know we didn’t study enough.

Win or loose, I am still very proud of him.

My daughter’s new website-Going Out On A Whim . This is the maiden voyage for her.

Carrie, I wish you luck and success in all her endeavors.

8 thoughts on “Spell It!

  1. Liz, This is really fantastic Liz! I hope you’re not getting a lot of emails from me. I am not sure why but I was not able to put my correct link in here. I am so proud of Brain too! way to go Brian, can’t wait to hear about how he did! Hopefully my link is correct here. big hugs


  2. Hi Liz, wowie, South Beach? How exciting, and yes it has been cold down there but should be warmer by the time you leave. I bet you are having a blast! Good for you and what a wonderful Sister you have! If anyone deserves this, it’s you! Can’t wait to hear all the stories and hopefully lots of pics !
    Congrats to Brian! Why couldn’t they have let you in on all the spelling bee competitions so you could have had the time for Brian to study? I was in a spelling bee once and was so proud of myself.
    Oh, I’ve changed my blog name ! woohoooo yes again. 😉


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