My Trip To South Beach, Miami

My sister, Carol and I arrived in Miami last Sunday night.  We arrived home this past Friday.  We stayed at The Beacon Hotel which was built in 1937 during the Art Deco era.  It was a step-back in time.  We were in the Art Deco section on Ocean Drive.  The beach was right across the street. The buildings there were so stately and beautiful.

the beacon-our hotel
The Beacon Hotel
the beacon at night
The Beacon at Night

The first night there, Carol and I ate at the Rendezvous On The Beach restaurant at our hotel. I had chicken with black olives and capers and she had fettucine alfredo. My meal was so delicious that now I just have to make it here at home. We could have eaten outside on their side walk cafe but we chose to eat inside as it was so cold down. It was unusual for Miami to be that cold. It was in the low 30’s. Everyone was wearing winter jackets and hats.

rendezvous restaurant outside
Outside Our Hotel-The Sidewalk Cafe at Night
our hotels outdoor cafe
Outside Our Hotel-The Sidewalk Cafe During The Day

In the photo above you can see the heater that they kept lite. All up and down the streets are sidewalk cafes and everyone had torch heater to keep everyone warm.

For entertainment, our hotel’s restaurant had a guitar player playing flamingo and a female flamingo dance scantly dressed and she freezing.

rendezvous guitar player
Flamingo Guitarist

Sorry about the picture of the guitar playing being blurry. But the palm tree’s trunk is very pretty and colorful.

I saw my first coconut tree. They line the streets of Miami. They are so pretty.

coconut tree1
Coconut Tree

I see palm trees all the time living here but not coconut trees.

This is my sister Carol My sister. The strawberry margarita she is drinking is bigger than her. This was on Wednesday or Thursday. It started to warm up in to the 70’s but got cold again towards evening-down into the 50’s.

Carol with strawberry margarita
My sister, Carol

This is me. I am looking a little tired in this one.  It wasn’t the drink! Really!  I was just tired. I am always tired. Just look at that luggage under my eyes. I was drinking a strawberry daiquiri. It looks like I am about to fall right into that drink.

liz with strawberry daiquiri

I have more pictures that I want to post. But I am going to do that in different postings.

It was quite the experience for the both of us. It was good to get away. I thank my sister for a once in a life time experience.  In spite of the cold, we enjoyed it very much.

6 thoughts on “My Trip To South Beach, Miami

  1. HI Liz I have enjoyed reading about your trip with your sister Carol, you both look a lot a like. I’m so glad you had a great time. Looks like a lot of fun. I wish I had a sissy. That is probably what is wrong with me why I am not soft and sweet is because I was raised with brothers! I love that palm tree they are gorgeous!
    What fantastic photos of you and your sister, your both beautiful. big hugs


  2. Ciao Liz. Happy Martin Luther King Day! 🙂
    Welcome back home! Awwww, what a great trip you had! So glad you and your sis had a blast in Florida! 🙂 I love all the pics (I saw them on Flickr). You and your sis are lovely. 🙂 But what a HUGE daiquiri you had! Wow! :O
    Can’t wait for me pics!
    I like both pastina and egg pastina, but the second one is a bit more rich. 🙂
    Have a lovely evening!! ((HUGS))


  3. Hi Liz! You look beautiful my friend! Love the pics! Your sister was wonderful to gift you with the trip! I can’t wait to see more pics! I hope you post the chicken recipe, once you decide to try to make it! Hugs!


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