Who’s The Mystery Man?

On one our walks, my sister and I wanted a frozen, tropical drink and were deciding which place to have one.  We walked up and down the street lined cafes.  During our second pass at one of the cafes, I spotted a familiar face and said to my sister-

“Is that who I think it is?”

She said,

“Yes, I thought it was him”

So, we made a third pass by just to make sure and them passed by a fourth time.  This time the person in question was speaking with his lunch companions.

We turned to each other and practically said at the same time-



Not wanting to disturb him during his meal, my sister and I walked across the street to snap a picture of him.  Using my telephoto lens,  we pretended to take pictures of each other so as not to cause suspicion.

Mystery Man

Can you guess the mystery man?

On one of our walks, I was admiring some large potted palms beside a stair case.

Versace Mansion
Potted Palms

Then I realized where I was. I was standing in front of Gianni Versace’s mansion.

Versace Mansion
Gianni Versace Mansion

I snapped a picture of my sister standing on the ‘infamous‘ stairs leading up to his beautiful estate.


We walked by this old car, a couple of times, parked outside one of the hotels. Then my sister noticed that there was someone sitting in it. I got a little closer and saw this ominous figure sitting behind the wheel. Reluctantly, my sister took a picture for afar. I got right up close and snapped away.

The Original 'Gangsta'

“I ain’t scared of no gangstah”!

By the way.  After we spied the ‘Mystery Man’ my sister and I did find a place, back at our hotel’s outside cafe, to sit and have a frozen drink and talk about how excited we were to see this person.

frozen drinks
Frozen Tropical Drinks

While we were savoring these frozen concoctions and nursing brain freezes, our Mystery Man walked nonchalantly by us.

walking away
Our Mystery Man Leaving

“Bye, Mystery Man”.

“See yah at the movies, kid”!

3 thoughts on “Who’s The Mystery Man?

  1. I think the “gangsta” mystery man is (my first true love) AL PACINO…. if not, I’ll pretend it’s him and envy you guys forever.
    My second most favorite is the one and only MORGAN FREEMAN!!!


  2. Hehe, I have seen your photos on F. so I already know who the mystery men is! 😉 I really enjoyed you telling us about your lovely trip! 🙂 Have a happy day, dear Liz! ((HUGS)) and smiles your way!


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