Architecturally Pleasing

Some of the grandiose architecture in Miami are works of art.

Miami-South  Beach

I was doing some research on architecture and was reading about Vitruvius, a roman architect, engineer, etc.  in and around 1st century.  He stated that a good building should satisfy the three principles of  firmitatis utilitatis venustatis.  Roughly translated, one of those principles are:

  • Venustatis (Beauty)- it should delight people and raise their spirits.
Miami-South Beach

Looking at these building did delighted us and raises our spirits as we happened upon them.  We were in awe of these majestic beauties.

Especially this building-


The colors and the geometric shapes really popped-out at me.

Miami is very colorful and pleasing to the eyes.

I also learned that the notes on Leonard da Vinci’s famous drawing, The Vitruviam Man, are based on the work of  architect Vitruvius.

How ’bout dat!

Insert cliché here ____________________________.

6 thoughts on “Architecturally Pleasing

  1. What wonderful pictures Liz! And Morgan Freeman too! I love him, he is such a fantastic actor! And yes, just by his voice he is recognizable! You showed great restraint in not running right up to him! I love architecture, it’s amazing what beautiful buildings are out there! I am enjoying reading about this trip!!


  2. wowie Liz what stories to tell, what pictures to see ! And oh my Morgan Freeman, i would have wanted to run right up to him and hug him ! lol, looks so handsome and i’m sure he was there trying to get warm and here he is in a coat, etc. and yes he does have such a distinctive voice.
    the pictures are fantastic and the buildings are so beautiful, what a unique and fun place to go! i know it looks completely different at night too with the neon colored lights. i especially love the pictures of the cocktails lol!
    love the pictures of you and your sis, i can see a lot of resemblance too. just beautiful. i loved it when i first saw my coconut palm tree! when we lived in Ft. Myers, we would go out in our yard and pick coconuts off the ground that hadn’t been there very long and have fresh toasted coconut, oh it was so delicious!
    oh i wish i could have joined you and your lovely sister for drink and sneaking around taking pictures of gansta’s too! lol what a great shot* (pun not intended hahah) of that guy in the cool car!
    you are on a tornado watch right now, so if your reading this, you better take cover ! i don’t know where ya gonna go, certainly not in the basement *not*
    were getting rain and thunderstorms too, and what your getting now is surely heading this way. take care !


  3. Very beautiful. I love that you’re discovering new things. I love architecture. I was in Miami in the 80’s. Steve and I went their for our honeymoon and to Disneyworld. You’re having a great time!


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