A Great Value

Everyone likes a great value. But does everyone like Great Value?

In my quest to cut down on the food bill, I have been seeing more and more white labels in my food closet. Not so long ago I would have balked at using no name food products.

My reply to using said products would have been something like this-


But there are moments when we have to set our pride aside and do what is best for the times. ‘Pride goeth before the fall’ and that sort of thing-hubris. Or was it more ‘The fall goeth before the pride’.

I made chili con carne today and used Great Value products for the ingredients.

While the chili was cooking, I compared the ingredients with the GV tomato sauce with the Hunt’s tomato sauce and they seemed to be the same. But would it taste the same?

After a long, slow simmer on the stove I am happy to report that the chili tasted just like my chili. It was good.

Now, I can sleep!

Grab a big bowl, guys!

It looks like we will be eating chili for a while

and “pick-up some more of that-there Great Value food”!

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