PomahBerry Yogurt Pops

Last nights frozen pop experiment-

Brian and I accomplished what we had intended to do. That was to see if we could come up with a frozen pop recipe from the ingredients that we had on hand.

They weren’t brick hard. They had the same bite as any commercial frozen treat. My issue was with the taste. I don’t care for berry drinks and that was base for the pops. They were too tart for me. Since Brian likes berry drinks, he thought they were delicious.

Here is how we made them and the ingredients used.

Frozen Pop Treats

In a large, glass measuring cup (4 cup size) first add-

1/3 cup of fruit flavored yogurt (your choice of flavor)
3 Tablespoons corn syrup
Pour the flavored drink (again, your choice)to the 3 cup mark.

Mix well using a whisk. Pour into molds.

Store in freezer until completely frozen (6-8 hours).

We are looking forward to making many different flavors with differnt types of ingredients.

Maybe summer will be fun after all!

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