Some Kind O’ Nut?

I'm a nut!Yes, it seem that I am Some Kind O’ Nut.  And, it seems that I can’t make up my mind when it come to which server I want to host my blog.  Blogger or Wordress? 

It is very lonely over at Blogger (Blogspot).  Therefore, as of today, I am back on WordPress.  Although Blogger gives me the freedom to use javascripts and to design my blog the way I want, WordPress is where I feel most at home when it come to blogging.

I am glad to be back!

2 thoughts on “Some Kind O’ Nut?

  1. Hi Liz, Happy Tuesday,
    Nothing wrong in using the GV products. I noticed that you had Publix brand yogurt. Rex won’t go to any other store here, and since I make him, I mean ask him to go (actually he loves to run to the store for me) but that’s the only place he will go. He’s a Publix snob LOL. I like some of their brands such as the Blue Corn Chips, but I won’t use their tomato paste products or some other things because they do taste different.
    Welcome back to where you feel most welcome, it’s nothing for me to switch back and forth, look how many times I did it LOL, I’m the one that is nuts LOL, really you should switch back and forth a few times like me and then see how you feel. Sometimes I keep eyeing WP and think of moving again, just to keep people on their toes lol (just kidding) Move as many times as you want, we will always follow you around lol

    The frozen yogurt pops look great! I bet Brian will be requesting them again.

    Love your pretty painting!

    I also love Hydrangea’s! They have a big place in my heart, and yes I love that you can change the colors too, I love it when you change them because then some develop a pretty purple color. I have a huge vase of them on my table right now.

    Could I please help myself to some of that pizza? Like the whole thing? That looks wonderful. I love to try my hand at making them too. Send up a box of those cookings too! yum

    You are hilarious with the Some kind of nut pin, but really it’s nothing!

    Love you kitty kat in the box, he’s so cute.

    luv ya!


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