Time To Move On

Hopefully, soon, I will have some news about the direction my life and my family’s lives will be taking.  One thing is guaranteed in our lives-we are moving.  We have been packing for about two month.  We have been living in chaos.

Twenty-nine days ago, I came down with bronchitis and just today I am starting to feel better.  I was on antibiotics for 10 days and wasn’t getting any better.  I pulled a muscle on my right side under my ribs from coughing and was in severe pain for three days.  I couldn’t move or do anything.  I am still a little sore, but it is getting better.

There are times in one’s life when you have to decide what is important.  For many years-20 years-I have been homesick for my New England.  And for many years, we have been struggling just trying to obtain the basics of life since Tom’s work related injury 13 years.  After his Tom’s injury, surgery and near death, he was unable to do the job that caused his injury.  They gave him a desk job which paid thousands of dollars less a year than the job he was hired to do.  This economy doesn’t help the average person make ends meet.  Especially, when one makes the same pay one did 12 years ago.  I can’t wait to see how much our health insurance is going up.  It goes up an average of $900.00 a year.

We are waiting to hear if Tom can transfer his job back to New England.  Regardless, if he can or can’t right away, we are headed home.  I will be working with my sister at her business.  She took on a couple extra jobs and I have to get by there by the end of October or she will have to decline them.

I was born and raised in New England.  I was unable to assimilate to the South.  I am a tried and true Yankee. I am looking forward to going back to the life I knew.  I am looking forward to being with family.  It was so lonely here.  I was without family and friends for twenty years.  I seldom left the house.  I probably left the house ten times a year. In twenty years, I only had visitors from back home maybe seven times.  Many will be shocked to see just how old and haggard I have become since living here.

Still, I may be older but my heart is young and I am so looking forward to my New England and starting over.

4 thoughts on “Time To Move On

  1. Hi Liz, I am a true Yankee as well born in Delaware my parents from Ohio and Illinois. California is a mix of nuts and more nuts. But it’s been my home for so long I guess I am now one of the nuts here.
    I am so excited for you, I pray all goes well for you in your new adventure. God Bless and Big hugs


  2. Awww God Bless ya hon! I hear you ! It is soooooo lonely with our family! Family is the most important thing in the world and I miss mine so much too. I know there is always a big hole in my heart from living so far away. I can’t imagine my life without them, but here I am. Life is not all about living in the South, besides, the weather isn’t that great !
    Good for you!!!!! You will be so happy there!
    Please, please please stay in touch with me!
    I hope and pray you are feeling so much better now. The coughing sounds horrible. Did the doctor give you any cough syrup? When your that bad you need the kind with codeine. God Bless You Elizabeth.
    {{{big huggs}}}


  3. Best wishes on your move and a speedy recovery. I hope once you get settled in to your new home things will have improved for you. I think you are going home at a perfect time of year….the beautiful leaves will be waiting for your return. 🙂


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