Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder

As I had mentioned in my previous post, we are headed back home to New England.  My goal is to get there by the end of October.  I have jobs waiting for me there.  Tom sent his resume up there and hopefully soon he will hear about a job.  He is just waiting for the announcement to come out.

I am posting some pictures of my hometown and what is waiting there for us.

Commercial Alley
South End Water Front Where I Grew Up
Portsmouth-My Home Town-at Dusk in the Winter

I am so ready!

10 thoughts on “Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder

  1. Hi Liz,

    Well our situation is certainly not as bad as yours. I think we do have a bit more money flowing though, but what is hard is all the set backs that have come Steve’s way due to the economy that is (DOING SO GREAT) we are out of a recession now I hear. LOL yeah right. Steve’s boss has cut back on his commissions, vacation pay and holiday pay is zero, he also has zero sick pay. No match on the 401K. His income is down 20 grand or more this year then from 2008, and even less then in 2009. So things are not full of hope and change at our household.
    I am very thankful the Lord has provided for us all these months. I am truly so sorry for all that you ‘re going through it brings tears to my eyes to know you and Tom are suffering so much. I will be praying please email me before you turn off the computer to leave for home.
    I am so praying that California will have some good outcomes in the upcoming elections. I sure do not want to be a pot smoking state or have MoonBeam Brown. I so wish the elections were behind us, but I am also so very scare of what comes next for us in this country. My spirt has been so sad this year over all that this country has fallen to. I pray we wake up before it’s to late for our grandchildren to enjoy a nice life.
    Take care sweet friend I pray your new job will be a blessing for you. I so want to see you happy but like I said, happy or not I am your friend for life. Big hugs


  2. Oh Liz: I’m so happy for you. I know Portsmouth and it’s lovely. I wish I were still in Maine. I’d love to have lunch in Commercial Alley! Please keep in touch with me. I like you very much and have enjoyed our friendship. I intend to reopen my blog as soon as I get my new glasses which should be next week.


  3. Hello dear Liz! We just had to pop in and wish you a happy 10.10.10. We hope you are enjoying this day! 🙂 Will be back soon to catch up with your news / so cool that you are moving “home” – yay for you!! *huggles*


  4. Wow did you really live in this awful corner of highway near Savannah? There are such beautiful cities & areas near them, I have the feeling that anyone can live in such an awful area anywhere in the US, just change the signs.
    This is so biased, it’s ridiculous!
    I really think that you can find beauty everywhere, you just have to look for it. For me it’s much easier to find it in the South than in the Northeast & New England & I wasn’t born in either places.


  5. Hi Liz, I hope I didn’t say anything offending. I’ve been in your shoes. I hope you get to make it back home. It looks like another country, the pictures you posted, just beautiful. I know your being torn. If given the chance I believe I would go back home too.
    Hope your having a great week-end!


  6. just remember that you had a purpose here too. it is so beautiful up there and yes you will never find that beauty here, unless you show the true beauty that is here also. so much beauty does abound, you are just not looking. you are looking at the negative right now. there is beauty everywhere you look. it’s just something that wasn’t yours, and something that wasn’t in your heart and that can make everything look ugly. you never know what may take place. you really can’t justify anything right now. maybe try and ask yourselves why did you leave there in the first place? then maybe it will come to you, but hopefully not too late after you get back “home”.

    i’ve been in your shoes a hundred times and i’ve went back home, only to come back to something i thought that wasn’t mine. i’ve made so many mistakes. i’ve thought exactly what you’ve thought and went back home, only to come back here to try and make this my home not once, but so many times. it’s so confusing i can’t explain it. i know i am probably repeating myself, but just know, whatever you are going through, this too shall pass. and i pray and hope that you make the right decision. but just remember the “right decision is yours and yours alone”. always leave yourself an open window to crawl back through if you have to, no matter how small it is. you don’t have to explain anything to anyone. just do what you have to do.
    God Bless you Liz and family.


  7. Hi Liz it’s beautiful where you are from how could you think anything else could compare? you’re not being snobbish, it’s a matter of what we are used too. I just commented on my blog that I am eccentric!
    I have not always been like that, but I certainly have become that way.
    Liz thank you for the sweet wishes for Kirsten’s happiness I pray that for her as well. I prayed for your family today and that God would provide a job for Tom when you get there. I will miss you while you’re away. Please let me know when you make it to your new home. I know God has a plan for you, after all he knows everything about us, even how many hairs are on our heads. Bless you and Tom! Tell Tom I am praying for him! Big hugs


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