This Is The Song That Never Ends…

Note to Self
Tom arrived safely back here late last night. While he was away for three day, I got a lot of stuff washed and packed from our bedroom. Time is closing in on us. We have 12 more day before the trailer will be here for us to load it with our stuff and 15 more days until we depart for New England.  I still feel that I have so much more to do.  I also feel that I am so unorganized which is causing me to be flustered.  I am starting to wonder if I will be able to put this move all together.

Tom needs to get our car checked over-flush the radiator, get new brakes, etc.  We are still waiting to hear about a job for him up there and on and on and on.  I just hope that we don’t run into snow while trekking up 95.  We don’t have snow tires yet.  That would make for an even longer 1,200 mile.

Last night was Trick or Treat.  Brian and I waited to hand out candy and not one kid showed up.  We bought four bags of chocolate bars.  But in the years before, we always ran out of candy due to the huge turn out of children.

Tom’s father was a marine during WWII.  At his father’s funeral, Tom was presented with the flag that drapped his father’s casket.  That really touched his heart.

So much has been going on around us that it is so hard to put into words the stress we have been going through.  The other day I got five trojans on my pc.  McAfee didn’t catch them (thanks a lot McAfee).  I got rid of one, but before I could rid the other four, my computer started to do crazy things.  So, I couldn’t access the downloads I needed to rid them.  I did another scan and McAfee finally quarantined the other four.  I think I got them when I opened an email for Tom, from his sister, on my pc the night he was trying to schedule a flight out of here.  Either that or I got them from Facebook.  I wasn’t doing anything else.  I am still working on getting those freakin’ trojans out of my pc. If I want McAfee to help me, I will have to pay $89.95 for tech support, by phone,  in addition to what I pay for them to protect me.  Right now, $89.95 is out of the question.  I tried using the live chat but no one came on.  Ta-da!

Oh!  It just never ends around here!

In the meantime, I am using Brian’s computer to do my blog, etc.  I don’t know what posesses some people to make other people’s live miserable.

2 thoughts on “This Is The Song That Never Ends…

  1. Ciao Liz, stopping in to say hello and wishing you a blessed November. I read your last few entries. You sure had a very stressful period lately… I am so sorry for the loss of Tom’s dad. I will keep you both in my thoughts during this difficult time and I sure hope the rest of the year will go smoothly for you. You sure need to breath! ((HUGS)) your way!


  2. Trojans and viruses just annoy me beyond belief. Like you, I can’t for the life of me understand why people want to do that. I guess like I can’t believe why people would steal….or otherwise harm people…..we just don’t think like they do. Hopefully you will be able to rid yourself of them soon.


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