Crochet Shamrock

For St. Patrick’s day, I have been making shamrocks. I have made enough to make a streamer/bunting.

shamrockI used a size H hook to make this shamrock which is approximately 3 ½” x 3 ½” not counting the stem.

Here is the pattern that I ‘came up with’ to make the shamrocks.

Ch 4, join with slip st to form ring
Rnd 1: (Ch 3, 2 trc in ring, ch 3, slip st in ring) 3 times.
Rnd 2: Ch 4, 3 trc in each of next trc, ch 4, (slip st in next slip st, ch 4, 3 trc in each of next 2 trc, ch 4) twice, slip st in next slip st. 18 trc
Ch 9 sc in 2nd ch from hook, slip st in remaining 7 chs, join with slip st to bottom of shamrock in the same space as beginning ch.

I am not very good at writing patterns. If you find an error please let me know in the comment form.

Have fun with this pattern.  These shamrocks work-up fast and so easy to make.

5 thoughts on “Crochet Shamrock

  1. I used your pattern to make shamrocks to decorate a candle cozy! I found skipping round 2 makes a half-size shamrock! Thank you for sharing your pattern with others. 🙂


  2. Awwww, what a lovely shamrock! Alas, I don’t do this cute crafty thing-y. But they are super cute, Liz! 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by. Pancakes here are very similar to crepes (French) and crespelle (Italian). Have a lovely evening, huggles!


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