What Was Cooking

We were fortunate today (thank you, Carrie) so I cooked all day in preparation for St. Paddy’s Day.

First I made mint cookies. I call them “Chocolate Dipped Mint Medallions“. They taste just like thin mints.  You can find my recipe for these cookies here.


With this cookie recipe I am going to make ‘button cookies’ and flavor them with either almond oil, or lemon oil, or orange oil or…

After the cookies were made and the brisket was in the pot simmering, I made an Onion and Dill Bread.

onion dill breadAbout a half-an-hour before we were to eat corned beef and cabbage, potatoes and carrots, I made baked stuffed haddock for Tom since he doesn’t like corned beef and cabbage.


I am exhausted, but it was all well worth the work.  Brian, Nicky and Elizabeth enjoyed their St. Paddy’s Day dinner.  I was happy about that.

Also, Carrie gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  They are so pretty.


5 thoughts on “What Was Cooking

  1. HI Sweet Liz,
    I too was cooking all day on Saint Patrick’s day making the corned beef and cabbage, potatoes and carrots, green frosted sugar cookies and green jello mouse and yummy bread. It was a lot of work! but so worth it as you say. I pray you are doing okay. I know it’s a struggle still. I have you in my thoughts and prayers. I have been MIA, even after I posted in my blog I didn’t visit anyone. Daughter has been a real handful. Stressful year so far. big hugs


  2. Oh, I love thin mints. They look so good! How nice Carrie gave you flowers. We loved our Corned beef and cabbage and I made a Soda Bread. I also made an extra meal for Tripp and his gal as he had to work last night. They’ll have it Sunday. Have a great day. Spring is coming!!!!!! HUGS


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