Squiggly, Wiggly Crochet

I finished the Squiggly/Wiggly square this morning while the family went to the beach.

squiggly wiggly crochet

This can be a very confusing crochet technique. It took me a while to figure it out. The squiggles are made on a crocheted open mesh.  I have seen this technique (by my grandmother) used to make rugs,  hot mats, place mats, pillows, etc.

squiggly wiggly crochet

Below is the back of the Squiggly Crochet. With this picture I charted the direction of the way the stitches go around.

(Click on the above chart/picture to see a larger view).

I did my best to try to explain this technique.  With that said, here goes.

Squiggly, Wiggly Crochet Technique-

Squiggly/Wiggly Crochet is worked on an odd number of open meshes and rows.

Multiple of even number of chains + 6 more will result in an odd number of open spaces/meshes (my square, above, has 11 rows across and 11 rows down. I started with 38 chains).

Chain 44 = 13 spaces (meshes) across
Chain 50 = 15 spaces (meshes) across
Chain 56 = 17 spaces (meshes) across

For a square mesh you will have the same number of odd open spaces and rows. Example: 13 rows x 13 rows, 15 rows x 15 rows, etc. will result in a square.

To begin:

Mesh (rows):
Ch desired number of sts.
Row 1:  1 double crochet in 8th ch from hook.  *ch 2, skip 2 chs, dc in next st. *Repeat across to the end of row, ch 5 turn.
Row 2:  1 dc in dc, ch 2, dc in next dc across, ending with ch 2, 1 dc in 3rd ch of turning ch.  Repeat last row until desired number of odd rows.  End off.

Rnd 1: With desired color, begin at center (see above chart/picture).  Attach yarn, ch 3 (counts as 1 dc now and throughout), 2 dc in same space.  Work around following pattern on picture; 3 dc on each ch 2 (space) and around each dc (space).  Join with a sl st at the top of beg ch 3. End off.
Rnd 2: Attach desired color (see above chart/picture) ch 3, 2 dc in same space. Work around following pattern on picture, 3 dc on each ch 2 (space) and around each dc (space).  Join with a sl st at the top of beg ch 3. End off.
Repeat Rnd 2 until finished.

If you have a problem with my instruction/directions, etc., please let me know.  Or, if you found these instructions helpful and easy to follow, I would be grateful if you would let me that also.

6 thoughts on “Squiggly, Wiggly Crochet

  1. I tried to do this over and over, but could not tell from the graph where I was supposed to be crocheting. Some places even looked like it looped over at corners. Without your post, I could not have made this. I’m working on the second round now 🙂


  2. Suddenly your feeds have popped up again…I got so many at once! It happened with another blog I follow….must be a hiccup in the feed system. The recipes ~ fabulous! And this pattern, amazing! 🙂


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