Little Bear Claws

With a box of Pepperidge Farm puffed pastry sheets, some Odense almond paste, and sliced almonds, I baked bear claws today.

bear clawsThese are smaller than the ones you may buy at a bakery.

Little Bear ClawsI found the recipe here by the makers of Odense Almond paste among other products.   Their recipe uses cinnamon-I omitted the cinnamon and added the sliced almonds to the top before baking.

These are very easy to make.

One thought on “Little Bear Claws

  1. HI Liz your bear claws look so delicious! I love those so very much I have to try making those and very soon! I did not know at first you don’t stuff the legs and arms of the cat. I do see that now, but I only noticed that after it was stuffed and once you get that stuffing in there it does not come out easy! LOL! I hope you’re doing well sweetie, you’re such a great cook! Have a great day!


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