Crocheted Matryoshka Doll

In March, I crocheted a Matryoshka.  They are also known as babushka dolls and or Russian nesting dolls.  I didn’t have a pattern and couldn’t find one on-line that I liked, so I came up with a pattern that resulted in this-

MatryoshkaYesterday, I found it in a drawer and decided to make a back, add stuffing, whip-stitch it together to make it three-dimensional. I added a little crocheted loop to the top for hanging.

Matryoshka doll

I haven’t written the pattern down as I haven’t with so many other projects that I have personally designed.

I think I am just plain lazy.

matryoshka crocheted dollI am working on another little project and hope to have it finished by tomorrow evening. I have so many ideas and patterns that I want to crochet, but I will just have to be content with the yarn I have.

Hopefully someday…hopefully…

One thought on “Crocheted Matryoshka Doll

  1. It’s very cute liz you did a great job! Yarn is so expensive these days. I only buy it when I can find a good coupon. I found one for 20% off total purchase. I tried to sign up online for Joann’s crafts because the flyer they send out to their email list has awesome coupons. The coupons that come in the paper are 40% off one item that does not work when you’re buying 10 skeins of yarn. I plan on making Christmas gifts with the yarn I have. I am having to relearn a few stitches because I have not really crocheted much except once a year for the last 8 years, before that I was doing it all the time, I had a lot of yarn left over. I think it’s nice the way the yarn sizes has changed to 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. That makes it so easy! Have a great evening. Big hugs


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