Crocheted Toddler’s Cardigan

Wanting something to crochet, and not having much yarn, I decided to make a little cardigan for my granddaughter. If I had a different color yarn in my stash, I would not have used this color to make this cardigan.

Cardigan for Elizabeth

I modified the pattern for a size two. It fits Elizabeth perfectly. The instructions didn’t make much sense to me, but I think it came out ok.  I used a reverse single crochet stitch around the front and neck rather than the slip stitch that the pattern suggested.  When I sl st, as the instruction suggested, it had bunched.  It looked terrible.  A while back I had crocheted some flowers and added one of them to the cardigan to dress it up a bit.

Below is the original from Lion Brand.  It is called Bebop Cardi.  Click on the links/picture to get the pattern.

bebop cardi

One thought on “Crocheted Toddler’s Cardigan

  1. Hi Liz that is an adorable cardigan. It is such fun to make things for little girls. I am working a crochet pattern that does not make much sense either but I am getting it to work out okay. Yay! You must share your moms salmon pie recipe it sounds yummy. I Love salmon and eat it all the time. I love love fish. Have a great week! big hugs


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