Granny’s Tangled Mind And Triangle

The other day when I made my bunting, I used a pattern from a book that I have. Although I love the pattern, I wanted to see if I could come up with one myself.  This is one of three patterns that I came up with.

granny triangle
It was easy designing the pattern in my head, but when it came to writing it down…Well, that’s a different story. I have never been so confused in my all my life with something as simple as this triangle. I worked on the directions all day.

My mind is elsewhere. My daughter, Carrie and the two youngest grandchildren (Nicky and Lizzy) moved to Texas three days ago to start a new life. She had planned this for two months. But, three days ago it all became a reality and I am missing them.  I am still heartbroken over the loss of my Shadow-it has only been three weeks since his passing.  It is going to be an adjustment with just Tom, Brian and me.  And to add salt to the wounds, Lizzy turned two yesterday and we couldn’t celebrate with her.


Elizabeth (Lizzy)

Also, last January we lost our next door neighbor/good friend when his vehicle flipped and he was thrown from said vehicle.   It is still very hard for Tom and me to look next door and not see him and just an empty house.  It just seems to get lonelier and lonelier each day.  It has been one tough, unsecured, frustrating year for us.

I hope upon hope that things will get better soon.

Getting back to the crocheted triangle.  I have posted the pattern.  You can find the pattern here.

2 thoughts on “Granny’s Tangled Mind And Triangle

  1. Hi Liz, The picture of Lizzie is adorable, I know you will miss your daughter and precious grandchildren. I can understand how you still miss your Shadow, we lost our Jack last Monday, yes, Jack too has gone to Rainbow Bridge. *hugs*


  2. Liz! It’s been forever dearie! I’m sorry to hear about your Shadow, I know you were close! I can’t believe Elizabeth is 2! I know you are going to miss Carrie and the kids! I’ll be praying for all of you! *hugs*


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