A Not So Holiday Basket

When I was up in New England, my sister bought some Orange, Toasted Walnut and Cranberry Bread from a bakery called “When Pigs Fly” and I was hooked.  Of course, I can’t get it down here. With Thanksgiving in just a few days, and looking forward to turkey sandwiches on that Orange, Toasted Walnut and Cranberry Bread,  I came up with a recipe that is very similar.   It starts with a sourdough.  The other day I got the sourdough started.  Meanwhile, the turkey is defrosting in the refrigerator and all the fixing, etc are just waiting to be cooked and baked

That ought to keep me busy this coming Wednesday and Thursday.  But, I am going to miss the rest of my family this Thanksgiving.  

Just to keep busy until Wednesday and keep my mind from going insane,  I have crocheted.  The other night I crocheted a basket using cotton thread from a pattern that I have from the early 1980’s.  Through the years I have made many crocheted baskets and never saved them.

Doesn’t look very much like a basket at this point.

Basket Crochet

After stiffening it with fabric stiffener (I wouldn’t recommend this type of fabric stiffener-Aileen’s is the best), pinning and forming it onto cardboard, unpinning and shaping the ruffle (after a few hours of letting it sit to stiffen a little), then letting it dry overnight before spraying it with an acrylic clear paint-

Crochet Basket Steps

-this is the outcome.

Crochet Basket

It turned out pretty. The photo doesn’t do it justice.  I wanted a Christmas ribbon but didn’t have any on hand.

Thirty plus years ago, I had Tom make me a holder to hold a ball of cotton thread while I crocheted. Without it, the ball would roll all over the place. I told him what I wanted and this is what he made with the materials we had on hand.

Cotton Thread Holder

The spool is a from a broom handle. It looks very rustic, but I have used it for over thirty years and it does the job.

Cotton Thread

3 thoughts on “A Not So Holiday Basket

  1. I Liz, I tried to post this morning from my iPad but i guess it does not like your phone app. I really like what Tom made that is really a cool idea. I like your basket it’s very very cute. Why did you throw out the others? hopefully not in the trash.
    That bread sounds like heaven to me right now. YUM!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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