Beaded Ornaments

Over a year and a half ago we had plans to start a new life in a place where we thought we wanted to return.

As usual, with our life, things didn’t work out the way we planned.  Since ridding ourselves of most of our Christmas ornaments, decorations and other possessions last years, and not able to buy these things, I made a few ornaments from some plastic beads and craft wire that I had on hand.

Tree ornaments

Tree Ornament

Heart Tree Ornament

Years ago, I made quite a few of these.  I remember sitting on the living room floor, in dim lighting making them.

When I made these four, it was late morning into the early afternoon.  I sat at the kitchen table, by a sunny window, with a light on and I still couldn’t see the large holes in the beads very well.  After making these four, I quit making more.  My back, legs and neck were screaming for me to stop!

I think maybe these four will be enough for now.

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