Give A Hoot Or WhooToo

Over at Pinterest, I saw some cute crocheted owls and other things.  I clicked on the link which took me over to ATERGcrochet on Etsy.  The photos of the patterns and crochet items that this shop owner were selling were so precise and clear.  It would have been easy to copy her work without bothering to buy the patterns.  But knowing how hard it is to design and write a crochet pattern  I couldn’t consciously make the little owls without buying the pattern.  To me that would be stealing.

I wanted to make those little owls so badly, that with my last few dollars, I bought an owl pattern and a star pattern.  I am glad that I did.

The other night, I gathered my scrap yarn and got busy. This is the first one I made.

Crochet owl

The next one I made, I loosened up a little and instead of adding the crocheted eyes, I added some googly eyes.

Owl Crochet

These were fun to crochet and a cute project if you want to use your scrap yarn.

Check out all the cute patterns and items over at ATERGcrochet on Etsy.

Frames provided by: Icey Tina Deviant Art.

4 thoughts on “Give A Hoot Or WhooToo

  1. They are just adorable Liz, I want to make the cute owl pillow. Thanks for the links. I cannot figure how to crochet something without a pattern. I can do a square, a circle and the stitches but cannot copy a pattern on my own. You really have a high moral standard, that is very very rare these days. Your work is perfect as always! Hugs


  2. Hello Liz,

    Your owls are very sweet! I just love crocheted things like that! And I have been thinking of making some crochet owls for quite a while – your post makes my fingers itch… First I need to finish my crochet snowflakes for family and then I can go ahead with trying out owls 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!


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