Callie Co Cat

I have a few crocheted projects put on hold.  Brian has two big school projects to do and I have devoted my time to helping him with those projects.

As I am getting very tired of doing research and coaxing Brian to get going on his project,  I finally sat down (last night) and finished one of the projects that has been on hold.

This cat I call “Callie Co Cat.” I used that dreaded “Caron” yarn to crochet this cat. I stuffed it with poly-fil.

Callie Co Cat

The reason I don’t like “Caron” yarn is because I crochet fast and the yarn splits on me every time. Also, it has a tendency to lose its shape.

Here is one of the other two crochet projects that I need to finish.


I got my inspiration from the two owls I crocheted last month.  This owl will be stuffed with poly-fil.

And, last but not least, some squares from a pattern that I designed. These squares are intended for a pillow.

Pillow Squares

4 thoughts on “Callie Co Cat

  1. Hi Liz those are adorable, yes Caron yarn does do that. I have that problem with a few yarns actually. I got the pattern from Greta for the cute owl and some hearts and bunny. I love her patterns so colorful. Your patterns are beautiful. You really should try to sell your patterns on Etsy. I love your own pattern and the squares those are great. I have a kitty pattern almost like that that I have sewn, that is so sweet.
    Good luck with Brian’s project, I am so glad I don’t have to help kids with school work anymore, I am sure it’s more complicated now then when my kids were in school.
    I hope you’re doing well today and have yourself a great week! Big hugs


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