Colorful Crocheted Baskets & Covers

Brian’s school projects are finally finished and I was able to think of nothing else save crocheting.  So, I whipped up a few crocheted baskets.

These baskets are similar to the basket that I made last month, but are smaller and colorful.  I used size 10 crochet thread for my other basket.  With these baskets, I used size 3 thread.

I was pleased with the way these baskets looked after I finished them.

Sorry about the blurry pic.  Sometimes I have a hard time seeing with these glasses.

10 thoughts on “Colorful Crocheted Baskets & Covers

  1. I love them! You did a great job on them! Wonderful colors…I don’t think I could separate them after I’d seen them grouped together. Either they all get gifted at one time or they all stay…they all stay…I’d have to designate another color to be the gifting color and try not to set it near the rest of them or they too may become part of the all stay group!


  2. Love them they are adorable! I’m trying to find a basket pattern to go with this hot air balloon pattern I found cause I keep messing up the basket that comes with that pattern. AhhhH!! gorgeous – good job!


  3. Adorable Liz! I love these colors just put a flower on them and they are good to go for gift baskets. I found you nice link to the cookie blog where she shows how decorate the tops of the cookies, I must stop over there another time to look at more what she has going on. I finally did find some yarn, but it was online at Joann’s. I ordered it a week ago and I am still waiting for it, I think it will be here today or tomorrow. I am tired of using the few colors I do have. Boring! so limited. I can’t believe the stores we have here does not carry the crochet thread that you can find at your stores. It’s crazy this is CA. Surprisingly we don’t have a lot of things in Northern CA as other states and even southern CA. Have a great day.


  4. Hi, Liz!
    How are you?
    I’ve been admiring all your creations. It makes me wish I could crochet, knit, and all that other creative stuff. I’m just now getting into Etsy. I think I’ll try to sell some antiques and stuff later. I want to take up photography more seriously too. Your pics are great.. do you have any camera (brand) recommendations?
    Have a good week!


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