Hanging Hearts Trio

Besides cupids, the only other thing I can think of when I think of Valentine’s Day are hearts.

After I finished the “Springtime Crocheted Accent Pillow“, I got busy and crocheted three different sized hearts using a pattern from Red Heart.

Hanging Hearts Trio

To embellish the otherwise plain-looking hearts, I added some slip stitch designs, buttons and beads.

While I was at Red Heart website, I saw a little crochet bird appliques.  I thought it would make a cute magnet.

Silly Bird

Instead of using their version of the tail and wings, I modified each and came up with what I thought would look better.  I also added some legs and tied a bead to each end.  After I finished, it wasn’t what I expected it would look like.  It is kind of ugly and silly.

6 thoughts on “Hanging Hearts Trio

    1. Hi Brenda,
      LOL Poor little bird. He does look like he has no feet. You are right! He does need feet. On my first try I did have three little toes and then I scratched them. I finally gave up.


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