Owl Ways Love You

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I designed and crocheted this stuffed owl a couple of weeks ago and didn’t get it upload until today.

Crochet Owl

I also made a larger one and with the instructions, pattern and photos, I am hoping to add it to my Ravelry store as a PDF file.

On my computer desk this morning, I found some gifts from Tom and Brian.  I had completely forgotten that it was Valentine’s day. They surprised me with a few of my favorite things-

my valentine's gifts

I received a gift bag full of chocolate hearts and peppermint patties, Yankee candles, two little cast iron fry pans, and their picture framed in a heart.

I didn’t expect anything, but their thoughtfulness made my day a little brighter.

3 thoughts on “Owl Ways Love You

  1. Hi Liz that is really sweet of them, I love peppermint patties and eat them all the time! I love your Owl it’s adorable you are so talented that way. Carries dress you made for her prom is really pretty. It was so cute of Brian and Tom to leave you sweet gifts. Nice to have to sweet guys around the house. Big hugs


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