Ciabatta and Biscotti-Slipper and Biscuits

Since I was craving a panino, I thought ciabatta would be a good bread to make panini.  The last time I made this bread was four years ago when I made Italian sandwiches using ciabatta.

My plan was to have the panini on Saturday.  Friday, I made two loaves and by Friday evening there was only one loaf left.  The urge to tear into this bread was beyond Tom’s control-

Ok, ok! I wasn’t as innocent as I would like to think.  In my defense, who could resist a piece of homemade bread fresh from the oven?


So, yesterday, I made two more loaves.  What I love about this bread is that it has huge holes throughout. The night before you make the bread,  you make a sponge to add to the bread ingredients.  There is no kneading involved.  The dough is very, very sticky and wet.  It is an amazing dough and bread.  I use the recipe from King Arthur.

Armed with smoked turkey, smoked gruyère, stone ground honey mustard and apple hickory smoked bacon, I put together-what I was hoping to be-a panino to end all panini.

 Not so much!

I must have left it in the panini maker too long.  It dried out the bread and was nearly hard as a rock.

Needless to say, I wasn’t going to make that mistake again.  We ended up making our sandwiches without the use of our panini maker.  To Brian’s sandwich, I omitted the mustard and used warm BBQ sauce and added thinly sliced Granny Smith apples.

Since I have been on a baking spree for the past two days,  I also made a small batch of almond biscotti with a touch on nutmeg.  I used this recipe omitting the orange peel and the dipping chocolate.

almond biscotti

We ate these last night with coffee and Brian had tea. They were delicious!

2 thoughts on “Ciabatta and Biscotti-Slipper and Biscuits

  1. Hi Lliz, you can come bake at my house anytime, I will be very very fat though. I love bread and bready foods. LOL to your mittens fiasco. The last two look pretty good though. I tried to start a new pair of slippers yesterday but pulled them out twice. One of the patterns didn’t make any sense to me it seemed the count of the stitches didn’t match up at the end of the row. The other pair I had made before and was bored with that pattern. So I am going to try the first one again today and see how it goes. I hope to have a new pair of slippers made later. Have a great week! big hugs


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