Chocolate Mousse Tartlets

A genuine, traditional French Chocolate Mousse uses egg whites and or egg yolks.  Although I was in the mood for chocolate mousse tartlets, I wasn’t in the mood to go through all the steps in making this confection.  Then I happened upon a Chocolate Mousse recipe from Alton Brown.  There was no stopping me from creating a Chocolate Mousse Tartlet.

And, here they sit.  My Chocolate Mousse Tartlets with Strawberry Garnish-

Chocolate Mousse Tartlettes

To make 24 tartlets, cut Alton’s recipe in half. One of Alton Brown’s ingredients for his mousse call for dark rum.  Instead of rum, I used vanilla extract.  And before whipping the cream to fold into the chocolate, I added 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar.  I made the full recipe and had more than enough leftover to fill 4 dessert cups/glasses with mousse.  

Before making the mousse, I made the tartlets shells.  You can find my tartlet shell recipe here.  

I used a 2 ½-inch fluted biscuit cutter-

tartlette pastry

Then gently pressed the dough into a 24 cup mini muffin pan-

tartlette pastry dough

Let them cool before removing from the pan-

tartlette pastry

Fill each shell with a tablespoon of mousse, garnish with ¼ pieces of strawberries and refrigerate for an hour before indulging.  After an hour, cover what’s left and keep refrigerated.

Mange Bien!

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