Works Of Labor, Or Of Skill?

Last July I was working on “circles in a square” that I designed-

Circles in a Square

I ran out of yarn and was getting tired of making them.  I didn’t have a direction on what I wanted to do with them.  So, I put them on hold.  The other day I saw them and thought that if I added a few more rows I could make a pillow.  I made this pillow last night-


Two more felt flowers that I made.  As of yet, I don’t know what I am going to do with all these felt flowers. But, they are fun to make.

Funky Felt Flowers

And for St. Patrick’s Day, I made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla almond white chocolate frosting (from scratch) that Brian wanted-

Chocolate Cupcakes

and Chocolate Dipped Mint Medallions (that I made last year) that Tom wanted-

Mint Medallions

I’ll leave the desserts to the guys.  I would much rather have corned beef and cabbage!

Wishing everyone a safe and “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”!

2 thoughts on “Works Of Labor, Or Of Skill?

  1. I like the felt-and-button flowers. They could look really nice as a decoration on top of a wrapped present, or as a crafty brooch or hair accessory. That’s what I’d do with them, anyway.

    And those chocolate-dipped mint medallions look delicious!


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