Infant Crocheted Bootie-Slippers

I crocheted these cute little bootie-slippers last week.  I found a pattern online for Mary Janes, but I omitted the straps and added my personal touches-

Infant bootie slippers

These are sized for an infant 3-6 months.  There are three different sizes using three different sized hooks-D, E, and F.  For yarn I used worsted, size 4.

Infant bootie-slippers

I made the soles a different color and added a slip stitch around the top edge.

Infant bootie slippers

On some I added extra rows and turned them into little boots.

Infant bootie-slippers

I also had fun with color.

Raspberry and Chocolate bootie slippers

These were easy and fast to whip-up.

Infant bootie-slippers

You can find the pattern here.

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