Crocheted Summer Striped Purse

I designed and crocheted this purse a couple of weeks ago.

Crocheted Summer Striped Purse

You can hardly see that it has three colors, watermelon, beige and light green.

I used worsted weight yarn and size G hook.

The bottom is done in a sc oval, worked in rounds, for 10 rows. My foundation ch is 24. (A longer ch will result in a wider purse. I leave it as your choice)

Here are a couple of links, for ovals, to get you started-

Then I worked the rest, of the purse, in sc (without increasing) in each st around with color changes and long sc stitches every other row for 33 row.

On row 34 I did two decreases on each side of purse then I continued sc (without decrease) for four more rows. With contrasting color I did a loose slip stitch around top. End.

For the straps I chained a desired length. Then worked dc up ch, changed colors did hdc around both side of dc row. Then did a loose sl st all around each hdc (both sides).

Attach straps to purse.  Add four buttons to the straps (see photo).

You can add a closure or leave open.  I have yet to decide if I want to add a closure.

For a larger purse do more oval (bottom) rows and extra rows for the rest of the purse.  For a wider purse make you foundation ch longer then you can decide on long you want your purse.

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