Crocheted Tussi-Mussie

I designed and crocheted this tussie-mussie last month. Today, I finally attached the ribbon with tiny, little buttons on each side.

Tussy Mussy

I stiffened only the cone  (not the lacy ruffle) with fabric stiffner.  I molded the cone of the tussie-mussie onto a green styrofoam FLORACRAFT cone.

“Tussie-Mussie, also called nosegay or posey, is small, hand-held bouquet popular in mid- 19th-century Victorian England as an accessory carried by fashionable ladies. Composed of mixed flowers and herbs and edged with a paper frill or greens, the arrangement was sometimes inserted into a silver filigree holder. When supplied by an admirer, the nosegay was became the vehicle for the floral language of love, e.g., a red tulip was a declaration of love; a sprig of dogwood returned by the young lady was a sign of indifference; a variegagted pink menat that she rejected her suitor’s affection. This variety of bouquet has enjoyed periodic revivals.”

Tussy Mussy-Crocheted Cone

I haven’t seen them being used or displayed in quite a few years. I used to see these in Victorian decor.

I have surfed the net for crocheted tussie-mussie, but found many made of paper and only a very few crocheted.

I think they are a pretty little accent to any room.

3 thoughts on “Crocheted Tussi-Mussie

  1. Liz that is just adorable I adore it. How sweet. I made a cross stitch nosegay before and it is hanging on an old curio cabinet it looks great there. I love little things like that. Liz your old days sound funny you made me laugh as you always do. I just love it when you tell me about your life you’re such an interesting person. Have a wonderful weekend! big hugs


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