Tea And Lace

UNDER certain circumstances there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.  ~Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

The above quote is quite  appropriate; most days I like to make a pot of tea in the afternoon and sit on the front stoop sipping from my tea-cup.  On those days, I allow my mind to drift to far-away-places, places where I can forget about the stresses that weigh me down.

tea service and doily

My favorite tea is black tea with a hint of added flavor. Some days I will have chocolate tea. Then there are those days where I like cherry tea or ginger-peach.  When I have fresh ginger, I like to brew some green tea and add ginger slices to the pot.  “La donna è mobile” some may say.

Tea service and doily

I have a favorite tea service for one.  So the other night-out of boredom-I made a tiny doily for the tea service.

Crochet Doily

I used the pattern from Classic Coasters To Crochet from Leisure Arts.  The pattern was a little to small for the service, so I added a couple of rounds to make it bigger.

2 thoughts on “Tea And Lace

  1. Hi Liz that is a cute doily you made just the right size. It would be pretty in many colors all sewn together as well for a table runner. I want to make a cute table runner, but my hands and fingers hurt, so giving them a rest. Have a great weekend. Big hugs


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