Change Pouch With Bird Appliqué

Lately, I haven’t been doing any crocheting or handicraft work.  My mind has been on far more serious things.  Life just can’t seem to give us a break.

A while back, I had crocheted some small pouches/change purses.   I wanted to design and crochet another one, but I wanted something a little different on the front and back. To the front, I added a little felt bird appliqué.

Small Pouch/Change Purse

To the back, I worked-in a round, granny square.

Small Pouch/Change Purse back

All in all, I think it came out ok.

I have wanted to sew and have fabric just sitting here waiting for me to come up with an idea. Maybe after we get some things settled, I can concentrate on nice things and not doom and gloomy things.

 I have certainly had enough of doom and gloom.  I am ready to live life and move forward.

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