Prim Doll “Bessie Rose”

Wanting to sew and not knowing what to sew;  I finally decided to sew a Prim doll.

bessie primrose
I call her Bessie Rose as in Primrose.

After I drew out the body and the clothing and sewed her together, I used a wet teabag and tea to darken the muslin to make it seem aged.

Before she was tea stained-

prim doll

I added yarn for her hair and painted on her face, shoes and socks with acrylic craft paint.

Bessie Primrose

Pleased with the final results, I am looking forward to designing and creating more dolls. I have some characters that I drew and designed years ago. I call them “Folks-Like-Us. With those characters, I made pins. I am hoping that I will be able to use those characters likeness to make dolls.

We shall see.  As the saying goes, La donna è mobile.

4 thoughts on “Prim Doll “Bessie Rose”

  1. Liz she is very cute you did a great job on her. I have an unfinished tea prim doll sitting in my basket. Seeing yours makes me want to finish her but I am flat on my back with back pain that has run down my leg and hurts so bad. I hate sitting still. Have a great evening. Hugs


    1. Gee Kat, I am sorry to hear about your back pain. I hope you find relief soon. I know how you must hate sitting still. Hopefully, you will be back to crafting your beautiful things soon.


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