Elizabeth’s Crocheted Child’s Summer Dress

I had an idea to crochet a dress for my granddaughter.  I looked around the net and found some ideas for a crochet bodice with a gathered, attached fabric skirt.  But, I wanted to make it my own design.

summer dress

 It took me three tries to finally get the bodice correct using my shell stitch pattern.  I was about to quit.  I guess stubbornness won out in the end.

I used two strands of size 10 crochet thread and size 2 steel crochet hook.


Since my granddaughter lives in Texas, I wasn’t sure of her size. So, via webcam, I had my daughter take measurements of her.  I also found this, Children’s Body Measurements and Garment Sizes, chart from Fiber Gypsy very helpful.

I finally, completed the bodice.

crochet bodice

I add some pretty, gathered fabric to the bottom of the bodice and crocheted a little flower for embellishment.

summer dress-lizzy

4 thoughts on “Elizabeth’s Crocheted Child’s Summer Dress

  1. This dress is so cute Liz, Like how you mixed crochet with the pretty fabric that is super dainty. Your granddaughter will be adorable in the dress you will need to post the photo of her in it! It does look like it would be a challenge to get the bodice on without ruining it. You did a great job. Big hugs


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