Knit And Crochet Dish Clothes

Not too much going on as far as crafting. I have a couple of little things I want to sew, but I have felt empty lately.

I did manage to crochet and knit some dish cloths.

knit and crochet dish cloths

 I used the basic diagonal dish cloth pattern for the knitted version.  I wasn’t really in the mood to knit and started to get sloppy and lose interest.  After knitting the second one, I decided to crochet the last two.

I find that the crocheted dish cloths to be too thick.  Then I thought of the extended single crochet. I decided to make two crocheted ones using an extended single crochet.

crochet dish cloths

They were just as supple as the knitted ones.

dish cloths

Last week, I sewed-up this little bird from some fabric scraps.  Pretty lame, but I figured since I took a picture of it, I might as well post it.  🙂


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