Trash The Stash!

A while back, since funds are tight, I purchased Red Heart Super Saver yarn on sale.  I wouldn’t recommend this yarn. This yarn is too stiff and crochets-up too tightly. I don’t remember Red Heart yarns being so unpleasant.

Since I have an over abundance of the stuff I am hell-bent on using it up before I purchased more yarn.  Although my first thought was to trash it all.

scraps yarn Red Heart Super Saver

To get rid of this disappointing yarn,  I decided on an afghan. I just hope that after it’s washed, it doesn’t pill.  However, I do like the bold colors.

afghan start

In 1993, I made the same afghan from this book-

afghans for all seasons

The different types of patterns used in this project,  keeps repetition at bay.  I have worked on some projects and the repetition, at times, can be very daunting.

'1993' Afghan

I remember, way back then,  I was afraid to use bold colors.  Most, if not all, of my projects and decor were of  the earth tone hues.


No longer am I afraid of colors-bold colors.

Therefore, I will be Celebrating Color!

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