’tis Halloween


This year Halloween isn’t as festive as it was here last year. I just can’t seem to get into the spirit as I haven’t felt well.  Tom and Brian are trying to hold on to the tradition and haven’t lost their spirit.  Last year we had a family Halloween party before my daughter and two of my grandchildren moved back to New England.  This year, it is really quiet.

Masked Kid

Since Brian feels that he is too old to trick or treat, he is handing out the Halloween candy this year.

Masked Man

Tom always dresses up for Halloween. But this year, he couldn’t decide if he wanted to be a pumpkin, a ghoul or a witch. LOL

B & T

The gruesome twosome hanging around waiting for trick or treaters.

3 thoughts on “’tis Halloween

  1. Good morning Liz I love your new blog. I have never been into Halloween but my kids love it. Now a days the parents come with the kids to get candy so I no longer pass it out. I hope you have a wonderful blessed week and may God give you healing and blessings. I love you and think of you always. Hugs


  2. Hi Liz, Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Halloween is a fun holiday but we don’t do anything. I love Tom’s costume and great picture of Brian. Feel better soon, ok. *hugs*


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