Little Crocheted T-Shirts and Flowers Streamer

I have been waiting to post this cute little streamer/bunting that I made a few months back. As usual, I didn’t write the pattern down, but today I finally sat down and wrote it all down.

tiny shirts and flower streamer

The easy part is designing something. The hard part is having to stop my crocheting to write the pattern as I go along.

lil shirts streamer

When an idea comes to me, I set my mind to that idea.  I had better get busy before I loose interest.

lil shirts flowers

When designing something, I am in my own little world.  I don’t want to be distracted. Especially, the distraction of stopping every few minutes to write down what I just crocheted.

streamer lil shirts

And then, because I didn’t write the pattern down and too many days have passed, I have to start all over again.

tiny shirts & flower lil streamer

So here goes!

You can find the pattern here

All I ask in return is to be informed if anyone finds a mistakes.

liz banner hrt

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