Easter Tussie Mussie

I wanted to make something handmade for Easter.  So, I made this tussie mussie reminiscent of the Victorian era.

Easter Tussie

While searching the internet for ideas, I saw some crocheted Easter eggs, and some tussie mussies made from paper.

Happy Easter Tussie Mussie

To make this tussie mussie, I used designer paper and other materials that I had on hand.  Designer paper is perfect to use as it is stiffer than paper, but not as still as cardboard.

Tussie Mussie-Easter

All nestled atop a bed of moss-

I crocheted the eggs, flowers, and lace border (chart here) using crocheted thread.  The ribbon is sewed on using little buttons.  Then to make the sign, I used my trusty PSP7 program.   The little bunny is a computer graphic that I had made years ago.

Paper tussie back

I used a cone template, for the tussie mussie, that I found online.  Here is where you will find all kinds of cone templates.  To hold the tussie mussie together, I glued and then used brads for added security.

crochet lace border

You can find the chart for the lace edging here.

This was a cute, easy and quick little Easter project.


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