Quilted Tote Bag

I have wanted to sew, but I only have a small stash of fabric. I have a bunch of batting and fabric remnant. So, I decide to make a quilted tote bag.

Quilted Tote Bag

I pieced together some fabric-

Tote Fabric

added batting and machine quilted the piece.

quilted fabric

I wanted to buy some cute little clothing labels online, but they were very expensive. Then I got the idea to make my own. Years ago I used to add logos, etc. to t-shirts using transfer paper, and thought I could do the same for labels.

Using my reliable PSP7, I drew up a logo with my name and site address, brought it over to Word and make a sheet of them, then printed them out on transfer paper. After I printed them off, I transferred them to a piece of muslin using an iron.   I sewed the label onto the purses lining before assembling the bag.

Clothing Labels

So simple and inexpensive.

Quilted Tote

I am looking forward to designing my next tote bag.

Thank you for visiting!

6 thoughts on “Quilted Tote Bag

  1. Liz your quilted tote bag is adorable I love the idea I made one a few years ago but it’s bigger. I would like to make one for a purse size, that sounds fun. I am really into hexagons right now so I think I will do that this week for fun. Have a beautiful Sunday. Hugs


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