A Room Of My Own

Years ago, when I sewed, painted or did any type of crafting I would have to use my kitchen table.  It was such a hassle. If I wanted to sew or paint,  I would have to bring the sewing machine, supplies, etc. out to the dining area.  Then, right before meals were served, I had to pick up my mess, set it aside until the meals were over, then spread everything back out…Well, you get the idea.

However, for the past 23 years, I have a room where I can go to and be creative and not have to pick up my mess.  It is a rather small room.  Just the same, I am grateful for the extra room as it accommodates my computer, sewing machine, storage drawers, crafting and sewing table, etc.   I use one of our three bedrooms for that space.

A room of my own

This is just one corner of the room for now.

It’s nothing fancy.

In fact, it is hardly note worthy.

It is just a place where my ideas become tangible.

It is a place where I can go to shut out the harsh reality of living on an island.


It’s just a little room of my own.


One thought on “A Room Of My Own

  1. Hi Liz, I see you like to craft like me. I like your craft room. I had one for awhile when my son got married and moved out. Now my younger son moved in so my grandson could have his own room.


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