Rug Mug and Potholder

I sewed a couple of items the other day. I had seen, around the net, something called a rug mug and some potholders shaped like cupcakes. I thought they were a cute idea and looked pretty easy to do.

For the rug mug, I was going to do a binding without doing the binding method.


I was too lazy to do an actual binding.

beginning of rug mug

After I quilted all the pieces, I started cutting the batting away and cut right through the gingham piece that I was going to use for the binding.

Well, that was stupid!

Setting my laziness aside, I cut a piece for the binding-which I should have done in the first place.

Then I continued on by doing a blind stitch binding.

Mug Rug

 I love the cherry and red gingham patterns together.

Rug Mug

Then, I got an idea to use the same material to make ‘cupcake’ potholders. I used my trusty psp7 to draw the cupcake and the frosting pattern.

beginning cupcake potholder

I used Insul~Bright polyester insulated lining for both the cupcake and the frosting.

cupcake potholder

Just when I was stitching around the frosting-the last stitches-I got sloppy and didn’t want to make the second one.  Or, could it be that I didn’t want to make another one and that’s when I got sloppy?

It is kind of like the chicken and the egg analogy. 

I just know that I wasn’t happy with the finished results.
cupcake potholder
However, I am the proud owner of one, sloppy, cupcake potholder!

That’s one more than I had before!

Moving on…


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