And Many, Many, More

Yesterday was my grandson Brian’s 13th birthday.

B's Birthday

For cake, I made a cherry cheesecake at his request. Since frosting one wouldn’t do for decorations, I made some banners using specialty (scrapping) paper, straws, and baker’s twine.   You gotta love baker’s twine!

Cherry "Birthday" Cheesecake

He also asked me to make him some candied ginger. This time, I saved the ginger syrup. This syrup is good for iced or hot tea.

candied ginger and syrup

I have made candied ginger before. The recipe can be found here.

candied ginger

It seems  like  yesterday that this boy, at his 1st birthday,…


is this boy today.


Happy Birthday, Brian!

We are very proud of all of your accomplishments.


3 thoughts on “And Many, Many, More

  1. Happy Birthday to Brian! I love the decorations you made him. I have never made candied ginger. I am not much of a baker. I bet you spoil him. My grand daughter was born on my birthday, the same date her other grandma died. Her middle name is the same as her grandmother’s middle name. Life is like that sometimes. It is hard for her great grandmother. Have a great week. Hugs


  2. Brian is adorable. The girls are going to break down the door. You are so crafty and talented. I love everything that you have done. Way to go.


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