Handmade Overload

Having an overabundance of handmade articles that I made over the years, I have decided to take a break from producing any more yarn, paper, fabric, etc. items. Now, I am focusing on finishing up a couple of items that I am working on before I take a rest from crafting. There just isn’t enough interest for me to consider putting them all up for sale. How many family and friends can you gift all of your whims and impulses.

Crafting can get quite expensive. Especially, if money just isn’t there to indulge in supplies. I love to craft whether it be crocheting, sewing, paper crafts, woodworking, drawing, etc. but I feel that I am wasting resources-at this time-on meaningless notions. I have always had this drive to create and I don’t think it will ever go away. My skills with art, whether it be a good or bad outcome, is a lonely art for me. My family and friends don’t share my desire for crafting. While I was focusing on becoming an artisan, they were focusing on getting a life and making a living. In the end, I lost.

Besides, it doesn’t help one’s social standings when one is an introvert-now, does it!

However, I know that I will be back to doing what I love to do in time.  It is just a part of who I am.

For now, I will catch-up on my reading, unclutter my crafting room, put some order to my supplies and finish up the projects I have been working on.  On my Kindle and on my coffee table,  I have stored  many books that I want to read.  I really want to get to them.

A couple of weeks ago I did read “A Fine Romance by Susan Branch. It was a light read but a good book.


Susan Branch is a self-taught artist and her books are “homemade” as in, watercolored and completely hand-written. I must say that I loved all the illustrations and reading about her ocean voyage to England and all the her discoveries ‘through the historical homes and gardens of art and literary heroes, along ancient footpaths, through wildflower meadows and fields of lambs, into tea rooms, pubs and antique stores.’  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book sitting on my front porch, in my white rocker, while relaxing with a cup of tea.

Right now I am reading, “As Always, Julia:  The Letters of Julia Child and Avis DeVoto.   It is a collection of letters written between Julia and her pen pal Avis DeVoto during the time Julia was living in France while trying to get her book  “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” off the ground.

“An important piece of culinary history through the never-before-seen letters between these two witty women.”
New York Post

“A reminder of the power of persistence, of a dream or a friendship, and of the lost art of writing a letter.”

“This book feels like chick lit … of an exalted order … Two housewives, each in her 40s … let rip about all kinds of things, from shallots, beurre blanc and the misery of dried herbs to politics, aging and sex … Funny and forthright opinions about food and life.”
—New York Times

If you loved Julia, or if you are a foodie and want to do a little light reading, I recommend this book.

2 thoughts on “Handmade Overload

  1. Hi Liz, glad to see you post. I totally understand where you are coming from concerning crafts. I like you love to craft. I get and idea and spend all this money to make something and then I have all this extra stuff. Last year I made snowman out of socks, and I gave them to the little kids in the family and to friends with kids. They kept me busy last year and the funny thing is that I made them for everyone but my own grandkids! I have tons of scrapping things and spend little time scrapping because I am playing on this computer or reading. Thanks for the books reports, I will check them out. Have a great week, Hugs


  2. Hi Liz, Crafty is in your blood, you are so good at it. It’s good to take a break, there are so many good books to read. Now if I can get find something that I can be passionate about besides working out at the gym, i can get off this computer. *hugs*


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