Crocheted Pot Holders or Hot Mats

I am at a loss for words. What can I possibly say about the vintage-type pot holders/hot mats I crocheted, except to say, “I crocheted two vintage-type pot holders.”


I didn’t follow any pattern. These are just basic shapes, that most crocheters know, using cotton crochet thread, size 3, and a size 2 hook.

One I started with a round of dc, then the next round in cluster crochet to make it look like a flower.

vintage type potholder/hot mats

The other one, I add a floral motif after it was finished.

vintage type potholder/hot mat

For each pot holder, I crocheted 2 side.  Then, I crocheted them together.   One was crocheted together using a sc continuing with the main color then with the white, I did a long sc with a chain in between.

The square one, I sc them together with the main color, then I slip stitched around using white.

potholders/hot mats

No excitement, no fanfare, just two crocheted vintage-type pot holder/hot mats crocheted by me.

The end.


2 thoughts on “Crocheted Pot Holders or Hot Mats

  1. These are very pretty! I love the vintage look 🙂 When I go to antique shops I always see lots of vintage potholders for sale.. they are quite expensive.. I don’t like to buy things I can make myself though.


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