Crazy Grannyghan And Stoop

A while back, I said I was going to finish some projects that I started then put aside. I, finally, finished this afghan a couple of weeks ago.

crazy grannyghan/funk a ghan

It’s a circle inside of a granny square, then framed with a granny square stitch. There isn’t a pattern for this because I made it up as I went along. It’s really easy, but monotonous. Or maybe, I just can’t relax and enjoy the task at hand.

We didn’t do much in the way of decorating for Halloween this year.  We just put out a few lights inside our front porch or what I call the stoop.

halloween decos

Halloween just isn’t the same since commercialization took over every aspect of our imagination. I wanted to forgo decorating or giving out candy this year, but I was over-ruled.

So, we compromised where less is more-then-we-would-have-if-I-had-gotten-my-way.

Oh, well!


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