More WIPS Finished

I finished some of the things that I have been putting on hold.

I had this bright idea to make pins using sheets of felt then adding embroidery stitches and beads. I quickly got bored with that idea. I did manage to finish three.

Felted pins

I added some pin backs,

felted pin back

called it a day,  and discovered that I just don’t like how they turned out.

Then I had another bright idea to crochet some snowflakes. I crocheted six and, again, I quickly got bored with that project. So, I set them aside, and finally finished them yesterday. I stiffened them with liquid fabric stiffener and sprinkled them with glitter. After about 24 hours, when they were dried and stiffened, I turned them over and sprayed the other side with some fabric stiffener (this time the spray kind) and sprinkled the other side with glitter.

crocheted snowflakes

It is hard to see the glitter in this picture, but they do glisten in the light.

Saturday night, failing to find something entertaining on TV, I crocheted this little turkey.

crocheted turkey

I found the pattern at: Craft Passion. The pattern calls for baby yarn and since I didn’t have any, I used worsted weight yarn and a larger hook. I glued a couple of magnets to the back and hung it on my front door. The beak and the snood, in the pattern, were made from felt, but I crocheted a beak and a snood. I wanted to crochet another one for the refrigerator, but quickly got bored with trying to finish this one.

I don’t know why I am having a hard time trying to find something that holds my interest lately.  I know that I have been stressed for 3 solid years and everything I do, as far as crafting,  seems useless and unnoticed.  It is hard for someone to comprehend how someone can be so stressed for so long.  I am quite astonished that I haven’t had a complete breakdown by now.

I will hold on and keep convincing myself that things will get better.  Whether they do or not, I will keep hoping-I hope.


3 thoughts on “More WIPS Finished

  1. Hi Liz, I am like you, I like to craft, but not everyone shares our interest. I thought the turkey was really cute and I do have some snowflakes my aunt made. I do not know how to crochet and I can only knit one stitch. Lately I have been scrapping. I know your feeling and I miss my dad so much and my mom too. It is the first holiday season without them both. I have to keep remembering my dad’s words about being okay, that I have my family. P.S. Your cat siggy is cute too!


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