Keeping Warm

I love those vintage type pot holders.  I remember, as a  child, my mother had some that she hung as a decoration.  They were just too pretty to use.

In addition to the two that I previously crocheted, I crocheted two more.

Crochet Pot Holders
I used size 3 cotton and found the chart-pattern online. I like these two colors together.

Last year-using Red Heart® Heart & Sole with Aloe sock yarn and a size B crochet hook-I started a pair of fingerless gloves, for me, and quickly got bored and never finished them. I tucked them away in a draw out-of-sight/out-of-mind. The other day I happened upon them. I decided that I would finally finish them. After looking at the one that was almost finished, I finally remembered the pattern, (I really should keep a log of my patterns) then added rounds of half-fingers to finish.

I started the other one and, again, put them aside.

This picture really doesn’t do it justice.   It looks ugly, but it  fitsshall I say it– like a glove !  It’s snug without being tight and it’s not  bulky or awkward.


While I was working on my gloves, I got an idea to crochet a pair, for my husband, using some sports yarn that I had on hand and an E crochet hook.  This time, I would eliminate the half-fingers and just do a couple of rounds for the thumbs. I am not loving the color, but they will keep hubby’s hands warm when he works around the yard.

fingerless gloves


…the other day I bottled my, homemade, cranberry liqueur. The cranberries had to soak in vodka for four weeks before I could finished and bottle the liqueur. I only made one batch this year.  We made just enough for a one liter bottle and almost 2 jars. It will be ready to drink on Christmas Eve.  The last time I made it was in 2009.


cranberry liqueur

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